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Welcome to the KISS Grammar Website

      The KISS Approach to teaching grammar was first developed in the 1980's while I was teaching a grammar course for future teachers. Most grammar textbooks teach individual constructions, and I wanted to teach students how to analyze--and thus intelligently discuss--the sentences that they themselves read and write. No other approach to teaching grammar gets anywhere near this objective. KISS does.
     The KISS site was started around 2003, primarily to explain the KISS Approach to teaching grammar. At first, that meant explaining the approach, the theory and research behind it, and the politics that affect the teaching of grammar. Since then, the site has grown in a number of directions, including practical, printable, workbooks. Most users of the site are now interested in the workbooks, but the links below to "Theory and Research" and to "The Political" lead to menus that focus on the materials devoted to those questions. 
     Obviously research, theory, and teaching are related, but several lifetimes could be devoted to each of them. My primary objective, however, is to try to improve the way grammar is taught in our schools. To move toward that objective, I need to devote my time to work in several directions, including publicizing the approach. (I might note here that I am still teaching five sections of Freshman Composition at the college level each semester, and, after my family, that has to be my primary focus.) In essence, that means that I will spend weeks (or months) on one area, and then switch to another. If you want to know my current priorities, click here. (Your comments and suggestions are welcome.)
Nov. 6, 2014
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* Although I am somewhat embarrassed to note it, you will probably find grammatical, plain sloppy, and spelling errors on this site. I was recently informed that some college students in Wisconsin are required to read "Save Money!  Burn the Grammar Textbooks!" When I went back to see what I had written, I found four sloppy errors on my part, errors which no one had informed me of, even though the essay has been there for a couple of years.
      I do my best, but KISS is not directly related to my teaching. I teach five sections of Freshman composition/Introduction to Literature. As a result, I often have to rush to get something onto this section of the site, or I have to drop it before I would like to, so that I can prepare for my classes. That is not a good excuse, but it is, I hope, justification for a plea for help. Someone once sent me an e-mail to tell me that she found several spelling errors "on the site." The "site," however, consists of several hundred documents, and if I take the time to reread/edit all of them, I will have even less time to respond to questions, etc. If you find an error, please send the page to me . It will be even more helpful if you tell me what and where the errors are. Thank you.