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Introduction to Literature
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Clio, Euterpe and Talia
(c. 1652), 
by Eustache Le Sueur
currently in the 
Louvre Museum, Paris.

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   "It is man's folly, as it is perhaps a sign of his spiritual aspirations, that he is forever scrutinizing and redefining himself. A mole, so far as we can determine, is content with its dim world below the grass roots, a snow leopard with being what he is -- a drifting ghost in a blizzard. Man, by contrast, is marked by a restless inner eye, which, in periods of social violence, such as characterize our age, grows clouded with anxiety."

-- Loren Eiseley, The Unexpected Universe
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Novels from Previous Semesters:
  A man mistook an insane asylum for a college. When his error was pointed out to him he said to the attendant, "Well, I don't suppose there's much difference." 
    "There's a big difference, Mister," said the attendant. "Here you have to show improvement before you get out."