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24 October 2002

Edward A. Vavra
30 Marvin Circle
Williamsport, PA 17701-1304

Dear Ed:

Finally, the reviews for your manuscript are in, and although some of the reviewers
had high praise for your work, the overall evaluation was that the manuscript was not
ready for publication. Reviewers expressed serious concerns about tone, methodology,
and audience.

It is with regret, Ed, that I inform you of NCTE's decision to decline the publication.
I'm enclosing (masked) copies of the five field reviews we solicited, most of which
were very detailed. I hope that the suggestions and critiques, some of which may
sound negative, will be of use to you as you shape the manuscript for another

Please be assured that I appreciate your considering NCTE as a potential publisher
 and that I learned much from reading your manuscript. Don't hesitate to get in touch
if you have questions.


Director of Book Publications & Senior Editor