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by Dr. Ed Vavra
The Illiterate, Pufferfish Common Core
     These letters range from 500 to 1,000 words. Please share them. The Common Core will poison our students' minds. You can find the ELA Common Core at:
The Illiterate Common Core .doc
The “Pufferfish” Common Core (Part 1) .doc
The “Pufferfish” Common Core (Part 2) .doc
The Unarticulated Common Core .doc
The Irresponsible, Unteachable Common Core .doc
The Common Core for Rats? .doc
The Elitist Common Core .doc
The Fallacious Common Core .doc
The Fearful Common Core .doc
On Education in General
KISS Grammar—Clear, Testable Standards .doc

Dr. Vavra has been teaching Freshman Composition at the college level for almost forty years. He is also the designer of  the free "KISS Grammar" instructional materials.