Teaching Grammar as a Liberating Art
by Dr. Ed Vavra
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Part One: Background and Theory

Chapter 1:  A History of Pedagogical Grammars
Chapter 2: Traditional Grammar from a Modern Perspective
Chapter 3: What Should We Teach? and A Theory of Teaching
Chapter 4: A Theory of Natural Syntactic Development
Chapter 5: The Sequence of Syntactic Development

Part Two: A Pedagogical Syntax

Chapter 6: A Theory of Syntax
Chapter 7: Syntax in the Curriculum -- Following the Natural Development of Syntactic Structures
Chapter 8: Syntactic Errors and Syntactic Expectations

Part Three: Beyond the Teaching of Syntax

Chapter 9: Reading, Psycholinguistics, and Readability
Chapter 10: Writing, Style, and Freedom
Chapter 11: Syntax, Thinking, and Logic

Part Four: Research

Chapter 12: Statistical Research in the Classroom

Appendix 1: My Materials for Teaching Syntax

Appendix 2: Some Comments on Spreadsheets


(C) 1994, 2000 Edward Vavra

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