Typhus, Body Lice, and DDT (4 of 4)
by Dr. David L. Evans,
Department of Natural Sciences
Pennsylvania College of Technology
     What good is any of this to you? As can be predicted from the above, many
germ species have become resistant in their turn, to antibiotics. There are some
species of germs and germ-carrying insects that no antibiotic or insecticide known
to science will kill. It appears that our only real long-term protection for humans
in this increasingly hostile world is the old-fashioned remedies that take diligence
and hard work: thoughtfulness, cleanliness, and sanitation. Look around you for
simple things you can do to prevent massive epidemics in the future: eat fresh
food made in clean surroundings, wash and comb your hair every day, look for
circumstances around  the home that can encourage pestilence such as standing
water (encourages disease-carrying mosquitoes) and trash (home for rats and mice).
     Survival of our species through the coming plagues favors those who are
prepared to work.