Level 4: Verbals
1. Draw an oval around each infinitive. (5 per oval) Draw an arrow from the oval to the word that the infinitive chunks to. (2 per arrow) Write "SoI" above the subjects of infinitives. (2 per "SoI")

2. Put a box around each gerund. (5 per box). If the function of the gerund has not already been indicated (i. e., it is underlined as the subject of a finite verb, or it is labeled as the DO, etc. of a finite verb), write its function  (OP, PA, PN, DO, IO, etc.) above it  (2 per label)

2. Put a box  around each gerundive. (5 per box) Draw an arrow from the box to the word that the gerundive chunks to. (2 per arrow)

3. Label each complement (PA, PN, DO, IO) of a verbal (gerund, gerundive, infinitive). (2 per complement) Draw an arrow from the complement(s) to the verbal. (2 per arrow)

Level 5: Eight Other Constructions
1. Write "NuA" over every noun used as an adverb. (5 per "NuA")

2. Write "App" over every appositive. (5 per "App")

3. Write "PPA" over every post-positioned Adjective (5 per "PPA")

4. Write "Dir A" over every instance of Direct Address. (5 per "Dir A")

5. Draw a wavy line under each noun absolute and write "N Abs." above the absolute.  (10 per absolute)

6. Write "DSub" over every Delayed Subject. (10 per "PPS")

7. Put an "R" in front of any label of a PA, PN, IO, or DO that is retained. (10 per "R")

8. Write "Inj" over every interjection. (5 per "Inj")

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