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Punctuating a Sentence (Ex # 1)
Based on
Billy’s Slide
by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Lesson: A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.

     In the following ten items, one is not a sentence. Write “NS” after it (for “not a sentence”). For those that are sentences,

1.) fix the capitalization and punctuation,
2.) underline the verb twice and its subject once, and
3.) label complements "C."

1. one morning in winter bunny opened his eyes

2. then he pulled Bobtail’s long ears

3. oh, I am so sleepy

4. the sled going faster every minute

5. it is too cold

6. did the three little rabbits hop off through the woods

7. bunny jumped up and down in the snow

8. something hit bunny on the head

9. the three rabbits soon found some tender little roots

10. is this a good breakfast