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(Code and Color Key)

Punctuating a Sentence (Ex # 1)
Based on "Billy's Slide" by Mary Frances Blaisdell
Analysis Key

1. One morning [NuA] {in winter} Bunny opened his eyes (DO). |

2. Then he pulled Bobtail’s long ears (DO). |

3. Oh [Inj], I am so sleepy (PA)! |

Note that we should also accept a period after "sleepy." The exclamation point is the writer's tool for indicating an exclamation. Without it, readers cannot be expected to know that the sentence is one.
4. the sled going faster every minute [NuA] [NS]
Although they may have missed this, once it is pointed out most students will easily agree that "The sled is going faster every minute," or "The sled was going faster every minute," would be sentences. This is actually a noun absolute fragment – a noun modified by a gerundive.
5. It is too cold (PA). |

6. Did the three little rabbits hop off {through the woods}? |

7. Bunny jumped up and down {in the snow}. |

8. Something hit Bunny (DO) {on the head}. |

9. The three rabbits soon found some tender little roots (DO). |

10. Is  this a good breakfast (PN)? |