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A Punctuation Exercise Quotation Marks
Based on
“Bobtails Kite”
by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Directions: In the following:
1. Identify the words that were said by placing them in quotation marks “  ”.
2. In each case, who said it is indicated. Underline the speaker (subject) once, and the verb for that subject twice.
3. The words that were said answer the question "Who or what said?" so they are the complement of the verb that you underlined. Put a "C" over every opening quotation mark to indicate that the spoken words are a complement.

1. Bend your head and bow to me, big oak tree, said North Wind.

2. Oh, how the wind blows! said Bunny.

3. I shall stay in the house to-day, said Billy. I do not like the wind.

4. Let’s go out and have a game of tag, he said to his two brothers.

5. Look out for me! called North Wind. I can catch you all.

6. Who put all those leaves under this tree? he said.

7. I did, I did, called North Wind. And here are some more to make the pile larger.

8. Oh, what fun! said Bunny. I should like to do that.

9. This is just the day to fly a kite, said Bobtail.

10. Yes, said Billy. The children always fly kites when the wind blows.