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A Punctuation Exercise – Quotation Marks
Based on “Bobtail’s Kite” by Mary Frances Blaisdell

The Original Sentences:

1. “ (C) Bend your head and bow to me, big oak tree,” said North Wind.

2. “ (C) Oh, how the wind blows!” said Bunny.

3. “ (C) I shall stay in the house to-day,” said Billy. “ (C) I do not like 

     the wind.”

4. “ (C) Let’s go out and have a game of tag,” he said to his two brothers.

5. “ (C) Look out for me!” called North Wind. “ (C) I can catch you all.”

6. “ (C) Who put all those leaves under this tree?” he said.

7. “ (C) I did, I did,” called North Wind. “ (C) And here are some more to

     make the pile larger.”

8. “ (C) Oh, what fun!” said Bunny. “ (C) I should like to do that.”

9. “ (C) This is just the day to fly a kite,” said Bobtail.

10. “ (C) Yes,” said Billy. “ (C) The children always fly kites when the

     wind blows.”