The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Contractions (Ex # 1)
Based on Bunny Rabbit's Diary
by Mary Frances Blaisdell

    An apostrophe is used to indicate that letters have been left out. This usually happens when two words are combined into one. The resulting word is called a "contraction." For example, "it's" is a contraction of "it is."

Directions: In the following sentences:
1. Underline the verbs twice and their subjects once.  
2. Label complements "C."
3. After each sentence, write the full form of the contraction. (For example, if the contraction is "I'm," write "I am.")

1. I donít like to fly kites.

2. Iíve never seen you before.

3. But Teddy didnít speak.

4. You canít swim on dry land.

5. Itís the dog!

Directions: In the following sentences, underline the verbs twice and their subjects
once.  After each sentence, write a contraction that would combine two words in the sentence. (For example, if the sentence includes "I will," write "I'll.")

1. It is going to rain.

2. I do not like the wind.

3. Teddy did not say a word.

4. But you will never be hungry here.

5. But he could not find Bobtail.