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(Code and Color Key)

Contractions (Ex # 1)
Based on Bunny Rabbit's Diary by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Analysis Key

Note: Students often ask if the "n't" should be underlined in contractions of "not." I have never seen this question discussed in any grammar textbook, so my answer is that it does not make any difference.

1. I donít like to fly kites (DO). | [do not]

2. Iíve never seen you (DO) before. | [I have]

3. But Teddy didnít speak. | [did not]

4. You canít swim {on dry land}. | [can not]

5. Itís the dog (PN)! | [It is]

1. It is going to rain. | [It's]

2. I do not like the wind (DO). | [don't]

3. Teddy did not say a word (DO). | [didn't]

4. But you will never be hungry (PA) here. | [you'll]

5. But he could not find Bobtail (DO). | [couldn't]