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Contractions (Ex # 2)
Based on Bunny Rabbit's Diary by Mary Frances Blaisdell

Analysis Key

1. I donít want that (DO) now. | [do not]

2. Itís too cold (PA). | [It is]

3. Iíll never go in there again. | [I will]

Alternatively "in there" can be explained as a prepositional phrase. In this case, the "in" can be explained as an adverb because either the "in" or the "there" can be dropped from the sentence without making it ungrammatical. [This is the type of thing that is not discussed in most grammar textbooks.]
4. Iím out. | [I am]

5. I donít like to stay {in this yard} all the time [NuA]. | [do not]

At KISS Level Four, students will have the alternative of explaining "to stay" as an infinitive that functions as the direct object of "don't like."

1. I am so hungry (PA). | [I'm]

2. I am going home [NuA]. | [I'm]

"Home" answers the question "Where?" Thus it is not a complement.
3. I will show you (IO). | [I'll]
Since we show someone something, "you" is an indirect object.
4. I have had enough (DO) to last me all day [NuA]. | [I've]
"To last" will confuse students. It is an infinitive that functions as an adjective to "enough." Grammarians will probably disagree as to whether "me" is its direct or its indirect object.
5. I can not swim. | [can't]