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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes to Show Possession
Based on Bunny Rabbit's Diary by Mary Frances Blaisdell
Analysis Key

1. Then he pulled Bobtail’s long ears (DO). |

2. Teddy jumped out {of Jack’s arms}. |

Alternatively, "out of" can be considered the preposition.
3. Someone is {in my master’s garden}. |
"My" modifies "master's" which modifies "garden."
4.  Poor Bunny’s heart began to beat very fast. |
"Poor" modifies "Bunny's" which modifies "heart." "Very" modifies "fast" which modifies "beat."
5. They came {to Mr. Man’s barn}. |

6. Then they told Mrs. Duck’s secret (DO) {to all their friends}. |

7. One little duck wriggled out {from under her mother’s wing}. |

"Her" modifies "mother's" which modifies "wing."
8. {At last} they reached Whitie’s house (DO). |

9. The rabbits could hear Bobby’s feet (DO). |

10. Bunny put the acorn (DO) {in front} {of Sammy’s door}. |

Some grammarians consider "in front of" as a preposition.