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Quotation Marks
Based on 
"The Tree and the Bird"
From Ben and Alice
     The following is the first sentence of "The Tree and the Bird." Notice how quotation marks are used to indicate the words people (or animals) say. Note that these words all answer the question "Ben said whom or what?" In other words, the words in quotation marks are the complement of words like "said." For now, put a "C" over the opening quotation mark, and then analyze the words inside the marks as if they were regular sentences.
“I like the red dog house. Do you want me to 
draw a tree by the dog house?” said Ben.
In the sentences below, note that a new paragraph begins whenever a different person speaks. 
1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline the verbs twice, their subjects once.
3. Write "C" above any complements, including opening quotation marks.

     “We want a tree by the house. Draw a tree by 

the house for us,” said the children.

     Ben made a picture of a tree.

     “I will draw a little bird in the tree,” said Alice.

     The tree was black and white.

      The bird was black and white. 

     “What color is a tree, Ben?” said Miss Brown.

     “A tree is green,” said Ben.

     “Who will color the tree for us?” said Miss Brown.

     “I will! I will!” said the children.

     “What color is your bird?” said Miss Brown.

     “My bird is blue,” said Alice.

     “We will color the bird blue. We will color the tree

green. We have made a good picture,” said Betty.