The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Lesson 30
New National First Reader
 by  CHARLES J. BARNES, et al.
Directions: Underline verbs twice and subjects once.

     Boy, come down from that tree! Come away, and

soon there will be little birds in the nest.

             What a bad boy, to take the eggs of a bird!

             Did you see the boys with the drum and gun,

             Yes. I saw Roy beat his drum, rub-a-dub,

rub-a-dub! I am glad the boys have a drum. It is fun

to march, march, march. Will you give me the apple

you have in your hand, Ned?

             No. I will give this one to mamma. I have

some more apples in my hat, and will give you one.

             Let us see how many you have. One, two,

three, four, five. Where did you get them, Ned?

             From the big apple tree down near the pond.