The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Lesson 42
New National First Reader
 by  CHARLES J. BARNES, et al.

Directions: Underline verbs twice and subjects once.

     Hurrah, boys! Clear the track! Here come Jack and

Jill on a red sled. Look, Roy! See Jack steer the sled

down the hill. Jill is by his side. Does Jill fear the fast ride?

     No, Ned, not at all. Jack will not let her fall. Roy, 

did you say you made that snow man?

     Yes, I made him.

    What a funny nose he has! What big eyes! Will he

fall down, Roy?

     No, he will not fall. I put some water on him. The

water froze, and that held the snow.

     Let me make one, Roy.

     O no! it is too cold. Let us go in and get warm.


     Well, we will start now. Come in and see my little

puppies. Here they are, and here is Fido too. Do you

think they are pretty? Yes, I do. See them play with

each other. They seem to be full of fun. 


     Is this your kite, Roy? 

     Yes, I have two kites. See what a strong string this

one has. Do you like to fly kites?

     Yes, and pretty soon I will try my new one. It will fly

very high.