The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Lesson 53
New National First Reader
 by  CHARLES J. BARNES, et al.

Directions: Underline verbs twice and subjects once.

     "Mamma, did you see the kitty catch the little

mousie in the barn?"

     "Yes, kitty spied the mousie running to and fro. I saw

her pretty black eyes glow, and soon she caught the 

mousie in her paws. What a pretty kitty she is! Her fur

is like silk."

     "But look, mamma! There is the man coming with

his bear. May I go out to see him?"

     "Yes, Fred, but Frank must go with you." 

     "How well the bear stands up on his hind legs!"

     "Yes, and see how he holds the stick in his paws. 

O see him dance! What funny things he does!"

     "Where did the man get him, Frank? Did you ask him?"

     "Yes, and he said that one time, a long while ago, 

he and his dogs were out hunting, and saw the bear 

up in a tree. The bear was small then, so he was not

afraid of him. He cut the tree down, and as soon as it fell,

the dogs caught the bear."

     "Did they hurt him, Frank?"

     "No, the man did not let them hurt him."

     "See, Frank, the man is coming here."

     "How do you do, boys?"

     "How do you do, sir? We like to see your bear play.

We think he likes you."

      "O yes! he likes me, for I always take good care of him."