The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Story # 2 - Mary's Redbirds
New National First Reader
 by  CHARLES J. BARNES, et al.

Directions: Underline verbs twice and subjects once.

     "Mary, where did you get your pretty redbirds?"

     "Fred sent them to me."

     "Did he send the cage too?"

     "No, mamma gave me the cage."

     "What nice pets the birds will be! Are they tame, Mary?"

     "Not yet, but I think they soon will be. They let me

set food near them now."

     "When they are tame, you can let them out of the cage."

     "What a funny cap one of them has!"

     "It looks like a cap, Mary, but it is not. It is a crest. 

Many redbirds have no crest, and I am glad that one

of your birds has one."

     "Will these birds sing well?"

     "They sing very little. Redbirds are pretty, but they

do not sing so well as some other birds."