The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Story # 9 - Sailing
New National First Reader
 by  CHARLES J. BARNES, et al.


     "Papa, I want to sail in the new boat. Will you take 

me out?"

     "It is pretty cold, Frank. See how the wind blows, and

how the waves roll on the beach."

     "I know it is cold, papa, but I have on a warm coat."

     "Well, come on. I will hold the boat while you get in."

     So Frank and his papa got into the boat and put up

the sail. 

     The waves were very high, but Frank was not afraid.

The boat was strong, and his papa could sail it well.

The waves dashed over the side of the boat, but the

more they dashed, the more fun it was for Frank.

     When Frank got to be a man, he was so fond of the

water that he went to sea in a large ship. He learned how

to sail the ship, and after a while, he was made captain

of it. He is an old man now, and likes to tell little boys

and girls all he learned and saw while he was captain 

of a ship.