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(Code and Color Key)

Pronouns as Subjects
From Pinocchio, The Tale of a Puppet
By C. Collodi
Analysis Key

1. His nose, [Adj. to "nose" which was already long (PA)], became longer

(PA) {by {at least} three inches}. |

2. [Adv. to "occurred" When Pinocchio came {into the little puppet theater}], an 

incident occurred [Adj. to "incident" that almost produced a revolution (DO)]. |

3. It is only fathers (PN) [Adj. to "fathers" who are capable (PA) {of such

sacrifices}]! |

4. Geppetto lived {in a small ground-floor room} [Adj. to "room" that was only

lighted (P) {from the staircase}]. |

5. "Now *you* keep your promise (DO) and drink these few drops (DO)

{of water}, [Adj. to "drops" which will restore you (DO) {to health}]." |

6. Geppetto, [Adj. to "Geppetto" who {from all this jumbled account} had only 

understood one thing (DO), [Adj. to "thing" which was [PN that the

puppet was dying {of hunger}]], drew {from his pocket} three pears (DO). |

7. Pinocchio, [Adj. to "Pinocchio" who was {in a fever} {of curiosity}], lost 

all control (DO) {of himself}. |

8. The Fairy allowed the puppet to cry [#1] {for a good half-hour} {over his 

nose}, [Adj. to "nose" which could no longer pass {through the door} {of the room}]. |

9. {At the end} {of the room} there [#2] was a fireplace (PN) {with a lighted fire}; |

but the fire was painted (P), | and {by the fire} was a painted saucepan [Adj.

to "saucepan" that was boiling cheerfully and sending out a cloud (DO) {of

smoke} [Adj. to "cloud" and/or "smoke" that looked exactly {like real smoke}]]. |

10. Geppetto, [Adj. to "Geppetto" who was poor (PA)] and [Adj. to

"Geppetto" who had not so much {as a penny} {in his pocket}], then made him

(IO) a little dress (DO) {of flowered paper}, a pair (DO) {of shoes} {from the

bark} {of a tree}, and a cap (DO) {of the crumb} {of bread}. |

1. Expect students to have problems here. "Puppet" is the subject of the verbal (infinitive) "to cry." The infinitive phrase is the direct object of "allowed."
2. For alternative explanations of "there," see KISS Level 2.1.3 - Expletives (Optional).