The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Person, Number, and Case
Adapted from "Wonderwings"
by Edith Howes, illustrated by Alicea Polson
Directions: In the sentences below, twenty pronouns are numbered and in bold. In the following table, write the person, number, case, and antecedent (if there is one) of each numbered pronoun. If there is no antecedent, write "U" for "unknown." (Remember that possessive pronouns, like possessive nouns, can function as adjectives.)

1. "Come then," said Wonderwings. She (1) took the little fairy's hand

     and up they (2) rose into the clear air.

2. "Oh dear! I (3) am so sleepy," said Poppypink, and she (4) yawned again.

3. She sprang from bed and dressed so hurriedly that I am afraid her (5)

     hair did not receive its (6) due amount of brushing.

4. "My (7) wings are small and colourless. Tell me (8) how I may grow

     wings like yours (9)."

5. "Such wings as mine (10) are only to be won in sadder lands than

     these (11)," she said.

6. She looked around, and found herself (12) alone.

7. She gathered armfuls of the golden sunbeams, and flying with them (13)

     through the glass as only a fairy can fly, herself unseen, she heaped

     them over the twisted hands and pale thin face of the child, and left

     her (14) playing with them (15) and smiling happily.

8. Lower she flew to help the little ones who (16) cried about the gutters.

9. "I have a daughter as well as a son; why should she (17) not have a

     kingdom too? I will see to it (18) at once."

10. The Queen-mother looked down into the water of the pool. As she

     gazed, ripples came upon its (19) surface. They broke away into

     shining cascades of diamonds and pearls, and between them (20)

     appeared the face and shoulders of the old woman of the road.
1. She        
2. they        
3. I        
4. she        
5.  her        
6. its        
7. My        
8. me        
9. yours        
10. mine        
11. these        
12. herself        
13. them        
14. her        
15. them        
16. who        
17. she        
18. it        
19. its        
20. them