The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Person, Number, and Case
Adapted from "Wonderwings"
by Edith Howes, illustrated by Alicea Polson
Answer Key
1. She third singular nominative Wonderwings
2. they third plural nominative Wonderwings &
3. I first singular nominative Poppypink
4. she third singular nominative Poppypink
5.  her third singular  possessive  She
6. its third singular possessive hair
7. My first singular  possessive U
8. me first singular objective U
9. yours second plural possessive & objective [#1]  U
10. mine first singular possessive & objective [#1] U
11. these third plural objective  [#2]
12. herself third singular  objective  She
13. them third plural  objective  armfuls [#3]
14. her third singular objective child
15. them third plural objective sunbeams
16. who third plural nominative the little ones
17. she third singular nominative daughter
18. it third singular objective [#4]
19. its third singular objective water and/or
20. them third plural objective cascades [#5]


1. Out of context, the antecedent of "yours" is unknown. Note that, unlike the possessive "your,"  the possessive pronoun "yours" functions as a noun. In this case, it is the object of the preposition "like."
2. "These" functions as a pronoun, the object of the preposition "than." One could easily argue that its antecedent is "lands," since without that "lands" one would not know that the "these" means "these lands."
3. These "armfuls" are, of course, of "sunbeams."
4. Note how the typical textbook explanations are not comprehensive. The antecedent of this "it" is the idea that she should have a kingdom too.
5. Here again, the antecedent is technically ambiguous. It could be "cascades," but some readers may easily perceive it to be the "diamonds" and "pearls."