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(Code and Color Key)

Compound Main Clauses
Ex # 1 Based on “The Three Little Gnomes”
From FRIENDLY FAIRIES  by Johnny Gruelle

Analysis Key

1. I took my little horn (DO) and followed them (DO), | but I soon lost their track (DO). |

2. We live happily here {in the forest} | and our wants are simple (PA). |

3. Then the three little gnomes sat {upon Fuzzy Fox’s back} | and he ran on {through

the forest} {with them}. |

4. Long, long ago, the tree had stood strong and upright [#1] | and its top branches 

reached far {above any} {of the other trees) {in the forest}. |

5. A silvery thread {of smoke} curled up {over the trunk} {of the old tree} and floated 

away {through the forest}, | and tiny voices came {from beneath the trunk} {of the old 

tree}. |

1. "Strong" and "upright" would generally be explained as adjectives, but here they could be considered adverbs. They can also be seen as predicate adjectives in a palimpsest pattern (in which "had stood" is written over "was." Or they can be explained as post-positioned adjectives. The question is not that important, so I would accept any of these explanations.