The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Compound Main Clauses
Ex # 2 Based on “The Three Little Gnomes”
From FRIENDLY FAIRIES Written & Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

Analysis Key

1. {With each storm}, the old tree shook more and more, | and finally {in one} {of the 

fiercest storms} it tumbled {to the earth} {with a great crash}. |

2. There it lay {for centuries}, | and vines and bushes grew about [#1] {in a tangled mass}. |

3. Now down {beneath the trunk} {of the fallen tree} lived three little gnomes, | and

the smoke {from their fire} curled up {over the trunk} {of the old tree} and floated 

away {through the forest}. |

4. They were preparing dinner (DO) and laughing and talking together, | and 

they heard the sound (DO) {of a horn}. |

5. Then Fuzzy Fox ran {with the three little gnomes} {through the forest} | and they

met a wounded bear (DO), and a wounded squirrel (DO), and five or six wounded 

bunny rabbits (DO). |

1. Note that although "about" can be explained as an adverb here, it can also be seen as a preposition with its object ("it") ellipsed.