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An Exercise on Pronouns
Grandfather Skeeter Hawk’s Story
Written & Illustrated by JOHNNY GRUELLE

     You might want to point out how quotation marks are used in this story. Once Gran'pa begins his story, it is in "double quotes," but when his story goes from paragraph to paragraph, there is an opening double quotation mark at the beginning of the next paragraph, but no mark at the end of the preceding paragraph. In addition, the story illustrates how quotations within quotations are in 'single quotes.' This is seen in the words of the catfish, etc.
1. them  third  plural  objective
2. we  first  plural  nominative
3. us  first  plural  objective
4. they  third  plural  nominative
5. it  third  singular  nominative
6. he  third  singular  nominative
7. them  third  plural  objective
8. You  second  plural  nominative
9. themselves  third  plural  objective
10. I   first  singular  nominative
11. who   - [#1]  singular  nominative
12. me  first  singular  objective
13. him  third  singular  objective
14. they  third  plural  nominative
15. you  second  plural  nominative
16. us  first  plural  objective
17. we  first  plural  nominative
18. they  third  plural  nominative
19. them  third  plural  objective
20. who   - [#1]  singular  nominative

1. "Who" is not a personal pronoun.