The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Punctuation Exercise
Based on 
“How Johnny Cricket Saw Santa Claus”

Written & Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

Directions: The punctuation and capitalization in the following text was lost. Please fix it (right on this page).

     mamma cricket called papa and they both had a laugh when johnny told how

startled he had been at the old man with the white whiskers who filled the 

stockings in front of the fireplace why johnny said mamma and papa cricket

dont you know that was santa claus we have watched him every christmas in the

last four years fill the stockings and he saw your little red topped boots and filled

them with candy too if you will crawl through the crack into the fireplace you 

will see the children of the people who own this big house playing with all the 

presents that santa claus left them