The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A CMC Punctuation Exercise
Based on 
“The Twin Sisters”

Written & Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

Directions: The punctuation and capitalization in the following sentences was lost. Please fix it (right on this page). Remember that compound main clauses can be joined by "and," "or," or "but," preferably preceded by a comma. Or they can be joined by a semicolon (usually to suggest a difference) or by a colon or dash (usually to suggest similar ideas).

1. everybody called the two cottages the twin houses for another reason the

owners were twins

2. matildas life was lonely and cold no one went to see her

3. katrinkas house always echoed with the laughter of children everyone 

went to see her

4. matilda was very angry but katrinka ran laughing to the door and greeted 

all with her kindliest smile

5. this is our birthday and i have brought you half of the presents which were

given me

6. they were given to me and i give them to you

7. you must live in my house and pretend that you are me and i will live in 

your house and pretend that i am you

8. so matilda went over to katrinkas cottage and went to bed and katrinka

stayed in matildas cottage but she did not go to bed

9. in the morning neighbors came to katrinkas house and matilda taking 

katrinkas place met them with a smile and soon in spite of herself she was

laughing and enjoying herself

10. one night while matilda sat at her dark window looking across at katrinkas

house she saw a crowd of people tip-toeing up to the stoop with baskets under

their arms and flowers in their hands and when all had crowded upon the porch

they stamped their feet and made a great noise