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(Code and Color Key)

Punctuating Sentences
from "Dick Whittington" in THE BEACON SECOND READER
Analysis Key

1. Dick Whittington was a poor little boy (PN). |

2. Where are you going? |

3. I could pick up [#1] gold (DO) {from the streets}! |

4. He had heard many times [#2] {about the great city} {of London}. |

5. Will you sell me (IO) that cat (DO)? |

6. Mr. Fitzwarren again and again for his kindness (NS)

7. London was a long way [#2] {from his home}. |

8. How lonely (PA) poor Dick was {without Puss}! |

9. That night [#2] Dick slept {in a barn} {with the horses}. |

10. What (DO) is Dick going to send {in the ship}? |

1. "Up" can be explained either as part of the verb or as an adverb. See: KISS Level 2.1.5 - Phrasal Verbs (Preposition? Adverb? Or Part of the Verb?).
2. "Times" is a Noun Used as an Adverb. See KISS Level 2.3.