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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 11 Based on
The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, by Beatrix Potter
More than One Pattern in a Sentence
Analysis Key

1. He had a bite (DO) {on his ear} | and both the puppies were limping. |

2. The shed was almost quite full (PA) {of feathers} | it was almost suffocating

(PA); | but it was comfortable (PA) and very soft (PA). |

3. This is my summer residence (PN); | you would not find my earth (DO) my winter house. [#1] |

4. She laid more eggs (DO) {in June}, | and she was permitted (P) to keep them 

[#2] herself [App]: | but only four {of them} hatched. |

5. It was built (P) {of faggots and turf}, | and there [Expletive] were two broken pails

(PN), one [NuA] {on top} {of another}, {by way} {of a chimney}. |

1. "House" is an appositive to "earth."
2. "Them" is the direct object of the infinitive "to keep." The function of the infinitive can be explained in two ways -- 1) as an adverb to "was permitted," or 2) as a retained direct object after the passive "was permitted."