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Exercise # 19 Based on

The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan

by Beatrix Potter

Punctuation - Contractions

    An apostrophe is used to indicate that letters have been left out. This usually happens when two words are combined into one. The resulting word is called a "contraction." For example, "it's" is a contraction of "it is."

Directions: Analyze each of the following sentences, and then rewrite them replacing the apostrophes with the full forms of the words.

1. Ribby isn't there.

2. I can't find it anywhere.

3. It's a party.

4. I've brought you some flowers.

5. Oh, I didn't put one in, my dear Duchess.

6. There isn't a patty-pan.

7. It's a pie of the most delicate and tender mouse with bacon.