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Notes for
The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan
by Beatrix Potter

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     As I worked on the sequential workbook for Grade Three, The Pie and the Patty-Pan was chosen for the primary exercises on phrasal verbs. When I had separated sentences in the tales into categories, this tale had the most, and most appropriate, sentences listed under "Phrasal Verbs." Thus, they are exercises # 1 and # 2. 

Ex # 1 - Phrasal Verbs AK  -  L2.1.5 
Ex # 2 - Phrasal Verbs AK  -  "
Ex # 3 - Simple S/V Patterns AK  G3  L 1.3
Ex # 4 - Simple S/V/PA Patterns AK  G3  L 1.3
Ex # 5 - Simple S/V/DO Patterns AK    L1.3
Ex # 6 - Mixed Complements AK    L1.3
Ex # 7 - Mixed Complements AK    L1.3 
Ex # 8 - Expletives (Optional) AK G3; IB3  L2.1.3
Ex # 9 - "You" Understood AK  -  L2.1.1
Ex # 10 - Prepositional Phrases (1) AK  -  L1.5
Ex # 11 - Prepositional Phrases (2) AK  -  "
Ex # 12 - Prep Phrases (The "To" Problem # 1) AK  -  L2.2.1
Ex # 13 - Prep Phrases (The "To" Problem # 2) AK  IB2  "
     The sentences in exercise twelve contain either "to" as a preposition or "to" plus a verb. Those in exercise thirteen each contain both. The important thing in these two exercises is that students, in addition to marking the words in the S/V/C patterns, should not mark "to" plus a verb as a prepositional phrase. You can tell them that "to" plus a verb is an infinitive, but there is no reason to expect them to remember that, and they certainly should not be tested on it until they get to KISS Level Four. 
Ex # 14 - Finite Verb or Verbal? (1) AK  -  L2.1.6 FV/Verbals
Ex # 15 - Finite Verb or Verbal? (2) AK  -  L2.1.6 FV/Verbals
     The important thing in exercises fourteen and fifteen is that students learn not to underline verbals twice. As with infinitives (above) you can use the term "verbal," and even explain it to the students, but don't require the students to learn it. Verbals as the primary focus of KISS Level Four, and students need to concentrate on one level at a time.
Ex # 16 - Compounding Finite Verbs  AK  -  L1.4 Compounding
     This is a sentence-combining exercise.
Ex # 17 - Compound Sentences AK  -  L3.1.1 CMC
Ex # 19 - Punctuation - Contractions AK G3  L1.7 Punctuatiom

This text and illustrations are from Beatrix Potter's The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan
Frederick Warne ? Co., Inc. (1905).