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(Code and Color Key)

Exercise # 21 Based on
The Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter
Punctuating Contractions
Analysis Key

1. I'm {in sad trouble}, Cousin Ribby [DirA]. |

____I am____________
2. I've lost my dear son (DO) Thomas [App] [#1]. |
___I have lost______

3. He's stolen a pat (DO) {of butter} and the rolling-pin (DO). |

___He has stolen____

4. I'm not afraid (PA) {of rats}. |

_____I am__________

5. Here's one {of your kittens} {at least}. |

____Here is_________

6. There's been an old woman rat (PN) {in the kitchen}. |

___There has been___

7. She's stolen some (DO) {of the dough}! |

___She has stolen___

8. He's a bad kitten (PN), Cousin Tabitha [DirA]. |

__He is___________

1. From primary school students, I would simply accept "Thomas" as the direct object. 
2. Note how close this is to expletive "there." (See # 6.) But I have never seen a grammar book discuss "expletive 'here'."  Because of this similarity, I would also accept "here" as the subject, and "one" as a predicate noun.