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Exercise # 4 Based on
The Tale of Tom Kitten, by Beatrix Potter

Directions: In addition to their clothes, the kittens lost the 
punctuation and capitalization in the following text. 
Please fix it (right on this page). Then:
1. Put parentheses around prepositional phrases.
2. Underline subjects once, verbs twice, and label complements "C."

     once upon a time there were three little kittens their names were 

mittens tom kitten and moppet

     they had dear little fur coats of their own and they tumbled about

the doorstep and played in the dust

     but one day their mother expected friends to tea she fetched the 

kittens indoors

     first she scrubbed their faces

     then she brushed their fur

     then she combed their tails and whiskers

     tom was very naughty and he scratched