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Notes for
The Tale of Tom Kitten
by Beatrix Potter

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Ex # 1 Fill-in-the Blanks  [Verb List]     -  L1.1
Giving students the "Verb List" undercuts the usefulness of this exercise in expanding the students' vocabulary, but it may make it easier for students who are just beginning to learn how to identify finite verbs.
Ex # 2 - Basic S/V AK    L1.1
Ex # 3 - S/V/C IM AK -   L1.3. S/V/Mix
    The sentences in Exercise # 2 have zero complements. Each sentence in Ex # 3 has a complement (other than zero). If the students are having real problems recognizing finite verbs, I would not even mention the complements. If they are doing o.k. with the verbs, you might want to have the students simply identify the complements as such, or you might want to go ahead and have them identify the type of each complement.
Ex # 4 - Cap/Punct. IM Notes IG2  L6.1
Ex # 5 - Expletives IM AK  G3; IB1  L2.1.3
     Expletives are an optional concept in KISS, but since they are often taught in the context of traditional grammar, you may want to have your students explore them. The analysis keys present the KISS explanations, but the instructional material provides the "expletive" explanation.
Ex # 6 - Compounds IM AK  G3  L1.4 Compounding Mix
Ex # 7 - Compounds " AK  -  L1.4 Compounding Mix
     Because grammarians (and their textbooks) are so concerned with the names of things, compounding, as an aspect of style, is often overlooked. The KISS perspective is that, as students analyze sentences with compounds, they will also begin to imitate.