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(Code and Color Key)

A Riddle Poem for Analysis
from  At the Back of the North Wind
by George Macdonald
Simplified by Elizabeth Lewis; Illustrated by Maria L. Kirk
Analysis Key

I have only one foot (DO), but thousands (DO) {of toes}; |

My one foot stands but never goes. |

I have many arms (DO) | and they are mighty (PA), all; [#1] |

And hundreds (DO) {of fingers} large and small [#2]. |

{From the ends} {of my fingers} my beauty grows, |

I breathe {with my hair} | and I drink {with my toes}. |

{In the summer}, {with song} I shake and quiver, |

But {in winter}, I fast and groan and shiver. |

1. This semicolon closes this main clause. The next line can be explained in two ways. If the students just look at the meaning, it is clear that "hundreds of fingers" is another direct object of "have." If they feel uncomfortable with this explanation, you can point out that they have not studied it yet, but "hundreds" can be seen as the direct object of an ellipsed "I have." Such ellipsis is more typical of poetry than it is of prose.
2. Students will probably recognize "large" and "small" as adjectives that modify "fingers."  (In KISS Level 5.5, KISS explains them as "Post-Positioned Adjectives," reductions of a subordinate clause -- "fingers *which are* large and small."