The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Literature Anthology
The Subjunctive Mood
At the Back of the North Wind
by George Macdonald
Simplified by Elizabeth Lewis; Illustrated by Maria L. Kirk 
1. Place parentheses (around each prepositional phrase). 
2. Underline every finite verb twice, every subject once, and label complements (“PA,” “PN,” “IO,” or “DO”). 

1. "You are as good to your mother as if you were a girl -- nursing

     the baby and toasting the bread, and sweeping up the hearth."

2. He decided to see if Diamond's father would do anything for any 

     body else. For that would be the very best way to find out if it 

     were worth while to do anything for him.

3. Nanny had closed her eyes as if she were tired or asleep.

4. What would my master say if he were to come back?

5. The wind with its kisses makes me feel as if I were in North 

     Wind's arms.

6. At length, it seemed as if he were borne up on the air and could

     almost fly.

7. But presently, he felt as if he were going to sleep and that would be

     to lose so much that he was not willing to do it.

8. If I were only a dream, you would not have been able to love me so.

9. Well, if I were to turn to an ugly shape again, would you still wish

     I were not a dream?

10. It's as if it were dead!