The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Literature Anthology
Direct Address
At the Back of the North Wind
by George Macdonald
Simplified by Elizabeth Lewis; Illustrated by Maria L. Kirk 
1. Place parentheses (around each prepositional phrase). 
2. Underline every finite verb twice, every subject once, and label complements (“PA,” “PN,” “IO,” or “DO”). 
3. Label each interjection (“Inj”), each example of Direct Address (“DirA”), and every noun used as an adverb (“NuA”). [As appropriate]

1. "What is the matter, mother?" cried Diamond.

2. "Oh dear North Wind!" cried the boy.

3. "Stop! stop! little girl!" shouted Diamond, starting in pursuit.

4. "Still I cannot believe you are cruel, North Wind!"

5. "Why, Diamond, child!" she said at last.

6. "Come in, my little man," he said.

7. "Isn't it jolly, father!" he said.

8. "I am not a fairy," answered the little creature. "You stupid Diamond,

     have you never seen me before?"

9. "Nanny, do you know me?" asked Diamond.

10. "No, Diamond. I am only waiting for a moment to set you down."