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The Logic of Subordinate Clauses
At the Back of the North Wind
by George Macdonald
Simplified by Elizabeth Lewis; Illustrated by Maria L. Kirk 
Directions: After each sentence, write the type of the logical connection between each subordinate clause and what it modifies. Begin by determining the type of the subordinate clause (noun, adjective, or adverb). Then use the following: 

For Noun Clauses -- "ID" (for "Identity") plus their function,  for example, "ID, DO"
For Adjectival Clauses -- ID" plus the word that the clause modifies
For Adverbial Clauses -- Use one of the following plus the word that the clause modifies.
Time C/E - result C/E - condition
Space C/E - purpose C/E - concession
C/E - cause C/E - manner Comparison

1. At length, they came down just where a little spring bubbled out 

     of a hill side.

2. Diamond's father had built him a bed in the loft with boards all 

     around it, because there was so little room in their own end of

     the coach house.

3. So when Diamond went home, he told his father all about it.

4. He was very much afraid no one would hire him because he was

     such a little driver.

5. But if this tree had been there, it would not have been blown down.

     There is no wind in that country.

6. He felt quite safe, though he knew that they were sweeping with 

     the speed of the wind itself toward the sea!

7. But her hair fell all over her face so that he could not see it.

8. He recalled the whole adventure of the night when he had gone out 

     with North Wind and made her put him down in a London street.

9. So he read a little story about the early bird that caught the nice fat worm.

10. She had known cripple Jim much longer than she had known Diamond.

11. Diamond's mother could not help crying over it but she came into 

     Diamond's room so that the poor sick father should not hear it.

12. As if the clouds knew she had come, they burst into fresh thunderous light.

13. Nanny had been so happy since she left the hospital and had been 

     living with Diamond's family that she did not think the country would

     make her any happier.