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Directions: Fix the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors in the following.


Hay I like this toy
  and it cain do   majick    dad  hay
     it dusint     work this toy
     Why son becuhs Why
       it brock dad  I think  we sud tak it go to the shop.
       Lets do it   dad   OK   son   but
         Mother will com Home.
           We are Home   Haym   Look at my pet.
              that pet is good
                can I tack my pet     yes son    but come Home
                  by dad and momi
                    is He good boy    yes   he is good
                     Lets by are     son.
                      Lets  go  Home   wiet now.
                       that me on TV
                        hay dad   What son do you      love my pet
                        Yes son    but your Mother is   have a baby.
                       is it a boy or gril.
                      it  a boy    yes    it's a boy.
                     Why it's a boy  dad  the doctr said
                    Lets bu some toy