The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks Punctuation Page
 (Code and Color Key)

An Exercise on Capitalization
Analysis Key

1. They flew {to Sandorf, Alaska [#1] }. |

2. My brother goes {to Taylor Elementary School}. |

3. Elaine would like to go [#2] {to Tokyo, Japan} {in June}. |

4. A big pine tree is {in Mr. William's yard}. |

5. {In December}, many people have a pine tree (DO) {in their house}

     {for Christmas}. |

6. Billy lives {on Maple Street} {in Greenville}. |

7. Janet Johnson visited the National Museum (DO) {in Washington, D.C.} |

8. Mary Cassatt painted a picture (DO) named A Girl in a Big Hat. [#3] |

1. This city plus state formula is idiomatic, but should one want to analyze it, it means "Sandorf *which is in* Alaska."
2. Technically "to go" is a verbal (infinitive) that functions as the direct object of "would like," but until students get to KISS Level 2.1.6, I would accept the verb phrase as marked above.
3. "A Girl in a Big Hat" is a retained complement after the verbal (gerundive) "named." The gerundive phrase functions as an adjective to "picture."