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Recognizing Subjects and Verbs
From "Three Little Pigs"

1. The first little pig met a man with a bundle of straw.

2. The man gave Whitey the straw, and he built himself a house with it.

3. Presently a wolf came along and knocked at the door of Whitey's house.

4. Then I'll puff and I'll huff, and I'll blow your house in.

5. So he puffed and he huffed and he blew the house in.

6. And then he carried poor little Whitey away to his home in the forest.

7. The man gave him the bricks, and Brownie built himself a very snug little house with them.

8. That smart little pig got up at five o'clock and went out and got the turnips and returned home.

9. But Brownie hustled and bustled around, and went the next morning at four o'clock to the apple orchard.

10. And then suddenly he jumped into the copper kettle and gave himself a push.

11. And the kettle went rolling over and over down the hill, with the little pig in it.

12. The wolf jumped up onto the roof of the little pig's house and started to climb down the chimney.

13. Brownie made a blazing fire in the fireplace and hung the copper kettle over it.

14. The little pig pulled off the cover of the kettle and plop! into the scalding water fell the wolf.

15. So Brownie boiled the wolf for supper, and then went out and rescued his two brothers.