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That Pesky "To"
Exercise # 5

Directions: Place parentheses around each prepositional phrase. Draw an arrow from the beginning of each phrase to the word it modifies.

1.) The kids were eager to ride the ferris wheel. The wait in line to get to the ride was long.

2.) The boys wanted it to snow. Maybe this rain will change to snow overnight.

3.) Dad went to park the car. We enjoy going to the park.

4.) My big sister loves to dance. She went to the dance with her boyfriend.

5.) I found something new to cook. Let's show that recipe to the cook.

6.) It's the perfect weekend to camp outdoors. Our troop couldn't wait to get to camp.

7.) Seventy-year-old grandpa doesn't have to work. But he enjoys his job and goes to 

work every day.

8.) After finding the home of the Three Bears, Goldilocks wanted to go to bed. She 

went from bed to bed to find the one that was "just right!"

Writing Exercises
9.) Write a sentence in which "to" is used as a preposition.

10.) Write a sentence in which "to" is used, but not as a preposition.