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The Birds of Killingworth
-- Adapted from Longfellow

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Ex # 1 Finite Verb or Verbal?  AK - L2.1.6
Ex # 2 Compound Finite Verbs AK G4 L1.4 Compounds
Ex # 3 Passive Verbs  AK G4 L1.3 Passive
Ex # 4 Compound Main Clauses AK G4 L3.1.1 CMC
Ex # 5 Subordinate Clauses - Nouns as Direct Objects AK G4 L3.1.2 SC DO
Ex # 6 Punctuation Exercise AK -  L6.1 Punct
Ex # 7 Distinguishing Complement AK G4  L1.3
Ex # 8 Appositives AK G5; IG6 L5.4  App

Suggestions forWriting Assignments

1. After the students have read the story (or have had it read to them) have them write it, in their own words and in as much detail as they can.

2. The story seems to suggest that we need to think about the future consequences of our acts. If we do not, there may be harmful results. Have the students discuss this, including, if possible, a few examples from local or national news. Then have the students describe, in writing, an example of their own. [You might want to warn students not to write about things that they would not talk about in class in front of everyone. Otherwise you may get papers that are far too personal.]

Suggestion for Revision

After the students have written their responses to one of the above, have them revise it to add details by adding adjectives, adverbs, phrases, and/or additional sentences within the text.