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(Code and Color Key)
The Three Tasks
-- Grimm
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Ex # 2 Compound Finite Verbs
Analysis Key

1. And they laughed and made fun (DO) {of him}. |

2. Then he rose, opened the three locks (DO), and came out. |

3. {At last} he sat down {upon a stone} and burst {into tears}. |

4. {Before long} the little creatures had found every one (DO) {of the pearls}

and piled them (DO) up {in a heap}. |

5. {At once} the ducks dived down {into the depths} below [#1] and brought

up the key (DO). |

6. Just then the queen {of the bees} flew in {through the window} and tasted the

lips (DO) {of all three}. |

1. "Below" is the remnant of the prepositional phrase "below them" that modifies "depths."