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(Code and Color Key)
The Three Tasks
-- Grimm
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Ex # 4 Compound Main Clauses
Analysis Key

1. They wasted their time (DO) and their money (DO) {in all sorts} {of foolish

ways}, | and {before long} they were nearly penniless (PA). |

2. They walked {along the great wide hall}, | but still they saw no one (DO). |

3. Twice they called {to him}, | but he did not answer. |

4. The eldest brother searched the whole day [NuA] long, | but {by sunset} he had

found only a hundred pearls (DO). |

5. The following day [NuA] the second brother tried his luck (DO), | but {by sunset}

he had found but two hundred pearls (DO). |

6. He searched all day [NuA] {amidst the moss}, | but he fared little [#1] better

{than his brothers} [#2]. |

7. The princesses are exactly alike (PA), | but there is one difference (PN). |

1. The easiest way to explain "little" here is to consider it the remnant of "little bit," i.e., a noun phrase used as an adverb.
2. At KISS Level Three, some people will prefer to explain "than his brothers" as the remnant of an ellipsed subordinate clause -- "than his brothers fared."