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(Code and Color Key)
The Three Tasks
-- Grimm
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Ex # 6 Adjectival Subordinate Clauses
Analysis Key

1. There were once two brothers (PN) [Adj. to "brothers" who set out to seek their fortune [#1] ]. |

2. {In the middle} {of the door} was a little grating [Adj. to "grating" {through 

which} they could look {into the room} beyond [#2] ]. |

3. He said not a word (DO), but led them (DO) {to a table} [Adj. to "table" {on

which} a feast was spread (P) ]. |

4. {After passing} [#3] {through many rooms}, they came {to a door} [Adj. to 

"door" {in which} there were three locks (PN)]. |

5. The simpleton showed the key (DO) {to the little gray man}, [Adj. to "man"

who then gave him (IO) the third tablet (DO)]. |

1. I would also accept "set out to seek" as the finite verb at this level. Technically, "fortune" is the direct object of the infinitive "to seek," and the infinitive phrase functions as an adverb (Why?) to "set out."
2. "Beyond" is the remnant of the prepositional phrase "beyond the grating," which modifies "room."
3. "Passing" is a gerund.