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(Code and Color Key)
The Three Tasks
-- Grimm
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Analysis Key

1. They went {on their way} [Adv. to "went" until they came {to a pond} [Adj.

     to "pond" {upon which} two ducks were swimming]]. |

2.  {At last} the three brothers came {to a castle} [Adj. to "castle" where

     everything looked [Adv. to "looked" as if it had been turned (P) 

     {to stone}]]. |

3. The key [Adj. to "key" that opens the chamber (DO) [Adj. to "chamber" {in 

     which} the princesses are sleeping]] lies {in the bottom} {of the lake}. |

4. [Adv. to "remained" When she came {to the lips} [Adj. to "lips" that had

     sipped the honey (DO)]], she remained there. |

5. [Adv. to "remained" When they had eaten and drunk as much [#1] [Adv. 

     to the previous  "as" as they wished]], the old man showed [#2] each (DO) 

     {of them} {to a bedroom}. |

1. "Much" here functions as the direct object. It can do so as a pronoun, but it is also an adjective, and in this sense, the remnant of "as much *food and drink*." It is in its adjectival function that it is modified by the adverb "as."
2. This expression is so idiomatic that we rarely think of its literal meaning. Literally, the bedrooms are getting to see the men, who are being shown to them. Idiomatically, of course, "showed" here means "led."