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Rewriting Adverbial Clauses as Main
and Main as Adverbial

From "The Three Tasks"
-- Grimm

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A. Rewriting Adverbial Clauses as Main Clauses

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing an adverbial subordinate clause into a main clause. (You can do this by creating two main clauses or by creating compound finite verbs in one main clause.)

1. One day as he was passing through a village far away from home, he found his two brothers.

2. As they journeyed on, they saw a large ant hill by the side of the road.

3. When the eldest brother had read this, the old man gave him the first tablet.

4. Before they went to sleep, the eldest ate sugar, the second ate syrup, and the youngest ate honey.

5. As he sat there, the king of the ants came with five thousand ants.

B. Rewriting Main Clauses as Adverbial

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing a main clause into an adverbial subordinate clause.

1. The two brothers had been gone some time. Then their younger brother set out to seek his fortune.

2. They went on their way, and they came to a pond.

3. They wasted their time and their money in all sorts of foolish ways, and before long they were nearly penniless. 

4. The eldest brother searched the whole day long, but by sunset he had found only a hundred pearls. 

5.  The two older brothers were about to kill the ducks, but the simpleton said, "Leave them alone. I will not let you kill them."